Long Lumber & Supply Corp.

Cedar Arbors create beautiful entryways that can help define a yard or fence while welcoming climbing plants. The Arbor allows the gardener, to nurture the rose or vine and watch it mesh with a naturally derived garden statement. We have created several different styles of arbors to fulfill your individual tastes and compliment your surroundings.


These include:

  • Garden flat top arbor
  • Garden scalloped top arbor
  • Garden classic top arbor
  • Standard 4' arched top arbor
  • Victorian heavy duty arched top arbor
  • Victorian heavy duty flat top arbor
  • Rustic cedar log


The garden arbors are constructed with selected 2 x 3 vertical posts that are connected with a 1 x 2 trellis lumber. The horizontal top sections are available in flat, scalloped, and classic configurations. These arbors are very easy to install and can be readily moved to accommodate changing garden plans. The Victorian-era heavy duty arbors invoke remembrances of that special garden wedding, of sophisticated elegance, and summers of long ago. There is something very special about these arbors. They are constructed with sturdy 5 x 5 posts that are connected with side panels of either baluster or trellis construction. The tops are available in either arched or flat top configuration to compliment your existing landscaping. They can be used as an independent structure or as part of a fence line, and the large posts provide excellent support for even the most elaborate gates. If you need just the right look to define a walkway or to distinctively separate two areas the Victorian Arbor should be considered.