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Cedar Fencing

Long Lumber manufactures more than eighty styles of cedar fencing. The style you select is determined by your personal taste, the function of the fence and town or city laws. From formal elegance to rustic charm, we have a fence for every need and location. Perimeter fencing is used on the furthest extensions of your property and is the dominant landscape element. We offer a variety of fencing that is specifically designed to bring beauty and style to your landscape.


The good neighbor fencing such as the latticed topped Hampton and the cedar paneling Berkshire fence provide lasting beauty from both sides of the fence line. Garden areas are frequently enhanced with fencing. Often trellis fencing is used as a backdrop for flowers and foliage, while vegetable gardens frequently need the practicality and charm of spaced picket or spaced board fencing. The front of your home is the most public view of your property and provides the greatest area for self expression. This high-impact area personally welcomes those who pass by with your sense of style and detail. The style of fence used should be harmonious with your taste and should complement with the look and feel of the front of your home. From charming rustic to elaborate Victorian era, the result will be dramatic and have long lasting value. Fence posts and caps are an integral part of the fence design. They provide definition to the fencing while reflecting the homeowner’s style. Posts are available in round and square dimensions and vary in size and length. Complementary detail is added by machining the post top or by adding a separate post cap to create the perfect design.



Recreation areas such as swimming pools require a unique combination of functionality and appeal, while creating a dramatic effect. Rustic stockade and square edge screen fencing have been the traditional designs; we offer a variety in our showroom.
Gates are an important focal point by design and by necessity. Gates mark the passage way from one area to another and invoke a natural curiosity about what is beyond. Our gates are sturdy, practical and work beautifully with each fence they are designed for. They are secured to the posts with special hardware, which can vary in style from the traditional Arrowsmith line to the Victorian-era English Garden Collection. To further accent the area finials in the form of balls, urns, or acorns may be installed on the top of the fence posts to provide subtle detail.

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Cedar Fencing


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